Law School Admission Essays

Every year, thousands of students attain the required minimum grade to join the college or university of their dream. Consequently, the admission boards have to use law school admission essays to select the most suitable candidate to join their respective institutions. The purpose of law school admission essays is not to summarize the contents of curriculum vitae, but to help project your unique self. It is your originality and authenticity that sets you apart. The same is expected in Harvard admission essays, graduate school admission essays, college admission essays etc.

How to write law school admission essays

Law focuses on debate and how you argue your case. In fact, persuasion skills lawyers have determine the outcome of a case. Therefore, students need to exercise their negotiation skills right from writing my essays. Given below are tips for writing law school admission essays, but they are also applicable to Harvard admission essays, UC admission essays or any kind of admission essay:

 The planning stage

You must motivate yourself, conduct an audience analysis and anticipate possible questions the admission board is likely to ask. Ask yourself questions such as why do I want to join this law school, and why is the institution my preferred choice. The audience is a team of professionals and they are likely to bombard you with questions from all corners.

Think about your topic- the board can give a single topic or multiple questions from which to choose. The topic should be guided by a thesis statement. A thesis statement focuses the assignment.

Writing stage

The purpose for writing the essay is to:

  • Convince the reader of your suitability
  • Clear any doubts
  • Invoke positive action from the reader

To achieve this, appeal to logic and emotions of the reader through evidence presented, creativity and following the basic writing requirements. Evidence presented must be credible and should appeal to belief and value system of the audience.

In many cases, students are given instructions on how to write law school, graduate school, college and Harvard admission essays among others. While this is important, an example contributes to a better understanding. Before writing the complete copy of law school, UC and Harvard admission essays, it is paramount for students to have unquestionable skill and experience. This is possible through referring to samples and writing samples on their own and handing them for evaluation by experienced writers.